Van Denburgh Consulting Group is a consultancy specializing in the people aspect of smart grid:  customers, employees and other stakeholders.  Our point of view is that people are the critical - and often overlooked - element of smart grid potential. Our mission is to help utilities and other energy companies realize the full potential of smart grid by:

Bringing to market viable customer energy solutions, and marketing them effectively.

Empowering utility employees to not only execute smart grid projects, but to envision and proactively create the smart future.

Rallying other stakeholders to support and promote the smart future of energy.


Van Denburgh Consulting Group was founded in 2002 to help utilities and other energy companies realize the full potential of smart grid technologies by focusing on the people:  customers, employees and other stakeholders.  Since our inception, we have advised numerous utilities in the United States and Canada on their smart grid/smart meter initiatives.

Our consultants include a network of experienced strategy, process, marketing and change management professionals.  The team's experience includes Big 4 strategy consulting with Fortune 100 firms and transformative consumer brands including Apple,, E*Trade Financial, Nintendo and The Walt Disney Company.  We are a California Public Utility Commission certified woman-owned business.

Based in Santa Monica, California, our firm's affiliations include Their affiliations include the EPRI HAN working group; SGIP; Stanford's Precourt Institute working groups; UC San Diego Stewardship Committee/Foundation; and the Direct Marketing Association of America. 

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